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Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Eternal Throne

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Eternal Throne

Knights of the Eternal Throne is the next major expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic! You are the Outlander and must face one of the most dangerous families in the history of Star Wars! It’s a grand story of betrayal, a fight for control of the throne as you try to influence the galaxy for the Light or Dark side of the Force! What is more, it’s free for Premium Players!

The brand-new storyline features nine chapters, five new levels and two new planets to explore! Also, you will have to make Dark versus Light side choices as you battle your way to ruling the Galaxy! You will play as the Outlander, a level 65 veteran of the Great Galactic War. You will fight in great battles and try to grow in power and influence in order to reap higher rewards. In order to accomplish that, you can group with up to three other allies and play any story chapter or battle in three challenge levels – Story, Veteran, or Master mode!

And don’t forget, update 5.10, Jedi Under Siege is set to launch this December! It takes place on the ancient Jedi world of Ossus where the Sith Empire strikes the first blow in the new war against the Republic. You, as the commander of your Alliance, have a choice. You can either honor your allegiance or secretly work for your former enemies! Whatever your choice, you will have the chance to join some of the most powerful Jedi Masters or Sith Lords!

Furthermore, a brand-new Master mode Operation, Gods from the Machine is waiting to test your skills! Defeating the dangerous family of droid superweapons on Iokath is not an easy task and each of the five Boss battles is a true challenge! So, gather your team of 8 or 16 and see what you are made of! Even more, the new update brings the best gear in the game, Masterwork Armor! To craft it, you can use drops from the Machine Operation or from questing. Alternatively, you can use Masterwork Crystals from missions on Ossus or Command Crates. Finally, joining and playing alongside a Guild will be far easier and rewarding thanks to some improvements and updates in the Guild system.

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