EVE Online: Crimson Harvest returns!

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EVE Online: Crimson Harvest returns!

EVE Online: Crimson Harvest returns!

Crimson Harvest is back! Join the event and experience new sites, updated visuals, and exciting new content!

Run the Gauntlet and amass a brand-new material through mining or combat! This material can be found under the surface of special asteroids, lying deep inside a mysterious nebula. Blood Raiders and Capsuleers alike fight over this as it is necessary to build the all-new new Cerebral Accelerator! Also, you can now get the Deathglow Hunters SKIN for the popular Astero, Gila, Machariel and Avatar hulls!

To join the event, you first need to go to The Agency in the Neocom menu in game. There you can see all the objectives for the event and decide which task to complete. Then, you can start gathering Agency Points and use them to purchase rewards! Also, you can keep track of your progress and get your rewards through the Info panel. Finally, and only for the duration of the event, you can get the impressive Avatar titan class hull!

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