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Star Trek Online: Welcome to Season 14

Season 14 is live and is full of brand-new features! This past summer General Martok discovered to be alive, broke out of prison and reunited with the Klingons.  Also, last month, captains were able to team up with Captain Geordi La Forge on a mission near the Nexus. With season 14, Captain La Forge is back as the captain of the U.S.S. Challenger and he is working with the Lukari/Kentari alliance as they are trying to build a colony that will reunify their people.

Additionally, with the “Melting Pot” episode a new piece in the puzzle of the mysterious Tzenkethi falls into place. As part of this episode’s story, captains will have to defend the Lukari/Kentari colony from enemies wanting to gain access to the protomatter technology of the Lukari. What is more, Captain Tzen-Gravu is also stepping up the scope of the Tzenkethi Crusade through a brand new Red Alert. Captains will be asked to defend planets from the Tzenkethi’s new protomatter weapons; failure means the loss of an entire world!

This whole new content revolves around the Lukari/Kentari colony. Fleets will have the opportunity to build their very own tier 5 docks on the colony! These new Holdings will also introduce amazing new graphics, great rewards that include a unique T6 ship that can be provisioned once the colony is completed and new gameplay options.

Finally, season 14 will introduce the Miracle Worker specialization! Captains that take up this specialization will be able to become far more adaptable to any combat situation. This specialization will also release a full suite of ground and space bridge officer powers that will give captains the ability to make tweaks to their favorite builds. In this way, they can discover the full potential of being a Miracle Worker! Get ready for this amazing new update!

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