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Warframe: Operation Plague Star is Back!

Operation Plague Star is back on Warframe!

Play until September 30 and try to destroy the infested boil that threatens the realm! To do so, you must steal the toxin that the unwilling-to-help Vay Hek possesses and use it at the meteorite crash site. You must hurry before the infested reach Cetus.

First, speak to Konzu in Cetus to begin running the Plague Star Bounty. Then, complete as many Bounty Missions as you can to earn Operational Supply Standing and use them to purchase Event Rewards. The more Bounties you complete the higher your reputation with the Operational Supply Syndicate. Your Standing from previous operations has been carried forward. At the beginning of the event your enemies are of Medium difficulty but you can increase it if you get the Eidolon Phylaxis from Nakak and mix it into Vay Hek’s Toxin.

You can earn rewards in various ways during the event. You can either complete Konzu’s Bounty or buy a specific Operation Resource to craft an Operation Trophy for your Clan Dojo. Potential rewards include Ether Daggers, Event Emblems, Eidolon Phylaxis and more!

Get ready for an amazing event! For more information, you can visit the Official Page

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