League of Legends Special Event: Odyssey – Extraction

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League of Legends Special Event: Odyssey – Extraction

League of Legends Special Event: Odyssey – Extraction

The Odyssey: Extraction Special Event is live! Play until October 8 and get new Icon Borders, new Skins, Emotes, Chromas, Loot and more! Let’s take a look of what you should be expecting!

First of all, you will be able to choose one of the five available characters, namely Yasuo, Jinx, Sona, Malphite, and Ziggs. Each one has different augment paths and strengthened passive abilities. Yashuo for example specializes in Crowd Control and AD damage, Jinx is a ranged fighter with massive damage output and Sona is the group healer. Malphite is the tank and Ziggs is the AOE Magic Damage and powerful explosions expert!

Every time you play the mode, your characters earn Augments. These are powerful boosts to your Heroes’ abilities, are equipped between games and are kept for the whole duration of the match. As you complete missions, you unlock more slots and extra Augments for a maximum of 5 slots and 15 augments.

As far as powerups and collectibles are concerned, you will be mostly searching for Ora. You will get them from Orabeads, Ora Plants and fallen enemies and they will be used to charge up the Ora Bot in order to move to the next area. Ziggs constructs the Ora Bot and it opens up a Portal Zone. Also, be on the look out for Goldbeads and Lifebeads for money and extra healing!

This is not the friendliest of planets so you must be always careful. From Walls and Fire and Ice Crystals, to Ice Storms and Volcanoes, there are many things that can hurt you-bad! Plus, there is a Horde of monsters waiting for you! Terrabursters throwing ground pillars, Tuskbeards, Rhinodons, Hogtongues with their dangerous tongue-grip and many more will try to make your life miserable! Add Majors, Elites and the mighty Kayn himself and you can understand that this is not going to be a walk in the park!

Finally, there is a huge list of Missions for you! They come in Standard and Odyssey mode and you can complete both. Most of them reward you with Blue Essence and Odyssey Tokens. Others like the “Blow Up Some Space Nerds” one, will unlock augment slots or Emotes. Use the Tokens to buy loot like Character Icons and Borders or Keys and Chests.

Good luck and have fun! For more information, please visit the Official Page

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