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Star Trek Online: Enter the Breach!

Star Trek Online: Enter the Breach!

Brave Captains! The Breach Special Event has started!

Play until September 27 at 10:00AM PST and fly your ship in and out of the Vorth Fortress! Captains of level 50 to 65 can join this 5-captain “Breach Event” where they must defeat the Vorth City Ship in order to win a Voth Operative Transmission every 20 hours. Once you have accumulated 14 of them, players can complete a new Event Reputation project and get rewarded with 50,000 Dilithium Ore, 500 Fleet Marks, 250 Marks of their choice, plus a Bio-Engineered Furiadon Combat pet!

The Bio-Engineered Furiadon Combat Pet will be unlocked for every character in your account and can assist you in battle. With its head-mounted twin anti-proton lasers and its strong bite, it can be a tremendous help in heated situations.

Additionally, when players complete the main reputation project, they will be able to unlock a bonus Voth Operative Transmission project which will earn them 2,000 Dilithium Ore, 50 Fleet Marks, and 35 Marks of their choice! Also, once per account and for 1000 Zen, players can buy the Event Accelerator Bundle: The Breach from the C-Store and get ten Voth Operative Transmissions and an Ultimate Tech Upgrade which can help them finish the event if they are short on time!

For more information, please visit the Official Page

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