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Star Trek Online: Ascend to a New Level of Reputation!

Star Trek Online proudly presents the brand-new Tier VI Reputations!

The new reputation Tier is bringing some powerful rewards and is designed to give Captains some extra options like alternate energy type weapons and improved reputation traits. What is more, reputation sponsorship will also be introduced; when a player reaches Tier V of any reputation, it will be automatically sponsored for their account and when Tier VI is reached, a reward of a Fleet Ship Module and a Retrain Token will be awarded!

Additionally, reaching Tier VI will award players certain benefits like Improved Traits (increased effectiveness for every Reputation Trait), Improved Set Weapon Damage (increased damage for Reputation Set weapons) and Social Zone Ability (dramatic visual FX for every reputation tier gained)!

Also, new Tier VI Projects will become available for every reputation for extra rewards! Some of them like Account-Wide Reputation Gear Discount will reduce project costs for every character in your account, while others like Alternate Energy Types and Alternate Vanity Shield Visuals will let you obtain new variants for your Reputation Set weapons and Shield Visuals. Finally, the reputation UI will undergo some changes in order to become more informative and easy to understand.

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