Runes of Magic now also available on Steam

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Runes of Magic now also available on Steam

Runes of Magic now also available on Steam

Publisher Gameforge releases the MMO classic Runes of Magic on Steam and launches new servers.

Gameforge and developers Runewaker released the award-winning role-playing title Runes of Magic worldwide on Steam yesterday. With around 10 million players in total, the free-to-play fantasy MMORPG is among the most successful titles in this genre, available to play in English, French, German, Spanish and Polish.

Celebrating its ninth anniversary in March, Runes of Magic continues to be enjoyed by a large and active community, which should grow considerably with the release on Steam. Gameforge hopes lots of new players will immerse themselves in the breathtaking fantasy world of Taborea, experiencing exciting adventures with one of the ten combinable character classes. It is also expected that many players will return for the launch. Gameforge has set up a slew of new servers for the European and North American regions to accommodate these players, providing fresh playing fields where they can rediscover all the challenges and excitement Runes of Magic has to offer from scratch.

Two DLC Packages for Steam Release

Two DLC packages will be available with Runes of Magic’s release on Steam. An initial starter pack eases players into the game with a selection of different potions, inventory and bank expansions, a mount and a pet. The second pack provides players with a complete costume set, an exclusive title, a mount, a pet, an additional character slot and a housing contract. Players can also collect Runes of Magic trading cards on Steam.

About Runes of Magic

With its impressive range of features, Runes of Magic has been redefining the standard of free-to-play MMORPGs since 2009. The online role-playing game presents a multifaceted background story embedded in the elaborate fantasy world of Taborea with over 5,000 quests. Players choose between one of ten primary character classes, entering epic battlefields, searching for magical items and constantly improving their skills. Runes of Magic is an award-winning fantasy MMORPG which has seen 10 million registered players since release. The game continues to enjoy a large and active community and is regularly updated with new content.

You may access the game on steam at:

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