RIFT: Storm Legion Expansion Approaches RIFT Prime


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RIFT: Storm Legion Expansion Approaches RIFT Prime

RIFT: Storm Legion Expansion Approaches RIFT Prime

Storm Legion, the next expansion for RIFT Prime is fast approaching! Get ready to face the evil forces of Crucia as they try to seize control of the Infinity Gate and conquer the Steppes of Infinity!

The new update will raise the level cap to 60 and the crafting skill cap will also be raised up to the Grandmaster level. Additionally, Prime members will be invited to explore two brand-new continents, Brevane and Dusken. The island stronghold Tempest Bay will be the new city hub and a plethora of new dungeons and raids will also be added for players looking to hit the increased level cap.

Finally, for those high-level Prime members who want an extra challenge, the Storm Legion update will introduce Volan, the mighty Empyrean colossus! Clad in adamantine armor, he has escaped his prison and will be waiting for brave (and unlucky?) adventurers for an exciting fight!

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Prepare yourselves for this exciting new update! For more information, you can visit the Official page

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