Duel Era: King Giftpack Giveaway

Duel Era: King Giftpack Giveaway

Pivotal Gamers has teamed up with tapfuns Game for an giftpack giveaway of their new free-to-play (F2P) ARPG mobile game, Duel Era: King.

Duel Era: King a game has amazing duel customized for touch screens and on-the-go play. Summon iconic monsters from the Deck. Develop their unique skills and take them to new heights. Start your full new adventure—Strategy & RPG Yu-Gi-Oh card game!

Storyline Gameplay

What’s the prophecy of the High Priest? Did the old King sell out his kingdom to the Demons? All of the answer can be found as you defeat the enemies and unlock new chapters during your adventure.

Strategy-oriented Tower Defense

More than 100 heroes, all with different attributes and skills, are ready to be summoned. Players need to make wise choice, including heroes on battle and enemies to attack, so as to claim victory for each fight. Note that every decision counts for your kingdom.

Rich Content

Corridor Leaderboard, Mirror Trial, Lost Palace, Guild, Arena and many more systems. Players can be offender as well as defender. Discovering new contents and fun all the time!

Recruit and Train Unique Troop

Your troop is the final safeguard of your kingdom and people. Different match of heroes will result in totally different outcome of the battle. Strive to owe the most powerful troop!

Are you ready to join thousands of other bases for fun adventure?

Enjoy the exhilarating battles and exquisite heroes that Duel Era: King brings, right in the palm of your hand.

About King Of Duel

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App Store:


Each Code will grant you the following items:

  • 100 Diamonds
  • 1 Vigor Candy
  • 1 Stamina Roll
  • 100 Enhance Stones

A giftpack of $10 total value!


get your key

35 keys left!

How to redeem the code

  • Download and install the game.
  • Open the game and tap on your head portrait.
  • Tap “Gift Code” and enter your code. Rewards will be sent to your backpack.


  • The code can be redeemed only once per account.
  • The code should be used before July 31st.
  • Each code can be used once only.


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3 years ago

How do i get my key? I tap on the head portrait but no gift code thing shows up

Reply to  Josh
3 years ago

go to the event tab in the game and click on code

3 years ago

The key isnt working, what i have to do?

3 years ago

The cose is y work It says no exist

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