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Star Trek Online: Join the Gamma Recruits!

Star Trek Online: Join the Gamma Recruits!

The Hur’q are swarming across known space, and are threatening to overpower the Dominion forces fighting a what seems to be losing battle against a numerically superior foe. Allies are needed urgently as are updated batches of Jem’Hadar, raised to be leaders and trailblazers, born to reclaim their lives through Victory.

From June 5 to July 18, all new Dominion Captains shall be called Gamma Recruits and will be able to participate in exclusive tasks for additional prizes as well as earn account-wide rewards for all their characters, thus getting a boost in their progression efforts. Recruitment events like this one are extremely beneficial for new players as they give them the chance to close the gap with more experienced and of higher level players.

New recruits will participate in special operations that are going to prepare them for the Hur’q threat and teach them how to coordinate best with their allies from the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Completion of these operations will reward participants with Reputation Marks, Energy Credits, Dilithium, Expertise, and other prizes specifically designed to offer additional aid to Jem’Hadar characters starting the game at high level. Similar rewards will also be earned that may be used by all characters on the same account.

Gamma Recruits can only be created during the Gamma Recruitment event and can be recognized by the Gamma Symbol (γ) next to their names. All of them will a special bonus trait during the Gamma Recruit Event of generating Salvage upon defeating enemies, a bonus which extends to your entire group. This trait will only be available during this event, so gather your Salvage while you can, and use it to Re-Engineer you equipment!

These are but a small glimpse of what awaits you during the Gamma Recruit Event. To learn more, please visit the Official page

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