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Star Trek Online: The Phoenix Prize Pack Returns!

Star Trek Online: The Phoenix Prize Pack Returns!

The Phoenix Prize Pack returns to Star Trek Online from May 23 to June 5!

In accordance with the mythological beast whose name it bears, the Pack contains exclusive spaceships, items and other rewards that have been retired and are no longer available by any other means! If you want to get a Pack, you must pay a visit to the Dilithium Store and pay the price of 4,500 Dilithium for a single one or 40000 Dilithium for a bundle of ten. Each opened Pack will reward you with a Prize Token of random rarity-from Uncommon to Epic. When you activate a Prize Token you can exchange it with with an item from the huge collection of retired items in the Redemption Store! Note that all items are character-bound.

What is more, you can exchange a single Token with two of the immediately lower rarity, for example, an Epic Token can be exchanged with two Ultra Rare ones. Additionally, 10 Uncommon Tokens can be exchanged with a new Phoenix Prize Pack and a new opportunity for great rewards! And for the veterans out there who already own every single item offered, Uncommon Prize Tokens can be exchanged with prizes like Fleet Credit Bonus Pools, Reputation Mark Bonus Pools, Commendation XP Bonus Pools or or the special Phoenix Upgrade Tech with no extra Dilithium fee!

Finally, all players will also have the ability to claim a free Phoenix Prize Pack every day while the promotion is active for one tome for every account. Each time this is claimed, players will also receive a single-use version of the “Phoenix Replica Smallcraft” Admiralty Ship. To claim this daily account prize, players must visit either Grym on Drozana Station, or Onna at Deep Space Nine. While the event is active, players may accept a mission from their Journal that will help them locate these new contacts.

For more information and a detailed item list, please visit the Official page

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