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EVE Online: Into the Abyss

EVE Online: Into the Abyss

May 29 marks the launch date of the latest expansion for EVE Online, Into the Abyss!

New Eden is once again in turmoil as a new threat has appeared from the edges of known space; the CONCORD Assembly is looking for brave capsuleers to enter the Abyssal Deadspace controlled by a highly advanced civilization, the Triglavian Collective. The promise of new and advanced technologies way ahead of anything known until now may lure many, but the lurking dangers may prove far more challenging than they have expected. New vessels, weapons, technologies and unimaginable wealth await those that will venture in the Abyss in a frantic race against time where success is never guaranteed and failure will usually have deadly consequences!

Three new spaceships can be yours, all utilizing the advanced technology of the Triglavian Collective; the Damavik is a swift attack Frigate using the Entropic Disintegrator technology which packs a heavy punch and can change the outcome of a fight. Vedmak on the other hand is a fearsome cruiser with the ability to hit opponents from a great distance before it can be detected but also has enough survivability to emerge victorious from a prolonged battle. Finally, the last ship you can get your hands on is Leshak, a true behemoth of the Abyss! It is by far the vessel with the highest destructive power among the sub-capital spaceships, a true nightmare for every opponent!

Apart from the advanced spaceships, the Triglavian Collective uses biotechnology, which can alter resources and modules in the abyss. The Mutaplasmids are artificial mycoplasmid colonies harrvested from the Deadspace and used on existing modules with unpredictable consequences; sometimes they can greatly enhance a module making it more efficient, while some other times they can render it almost useless-experiment with caution!

Finally, the new expansion will introduce a number of UI and UX improvements which will make detection and maintenance of planetary installations an easier job and increase the flow of information during initial setup.

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