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The Elder Scrolls Online: Face the Welkynar in Cloudrest!

The Elder Scrolls Online: Face the Welkynar in Cloudrest!

On Summerset’s highest peak sits Cloudrest, the home of the Welkynar, the four gryphon-ridding battlemages that serve as its protectors. Lately, the city is under quarantine by the Divine Prosecution as a mysterious purple mist surrounds it and its knight protectors have disappeared.

It appears that the Welkynar have been captured by an ancient sinister foe who is using them as his personal guard and to destroy Cloudrest. Your mission is to help Olorime, the last uncorrupted Welkynar to enter the city, face his brothers and destroy the ancient enemy before the city is utterly destroyed.

Cloudrest is a 12-man Trial with one main Boss and several minor ones in supporting role. Difficulty (and rewards) can be scaled as the team can choose which bosses to fight and when. Boss fights are exciting and require some members of the team to do one thing while others are doing something else in absolute coordination. Every encounter involves members of the group fighting in the shadow realm while the rest stays in the real world and supports them so everybody should be fully aware of their role and communication is an absolute must, especially in Veteran and Hard mode. Additionally, each boss has a special attack which requires the whole group’s attention otherwise it will risk the whole encounter!

The new Trial also comes with unique rewards that can’t be found anywhere else in Tamriel! Four new item sets are waiting for you, each inspired by one of the four Welkynar; completing the Trial in the Veteran mode will earn you “Perfected” versions of the sets with an additional five-piece bonus – the harder you make the encounter the more Perfected your rewards, including Legendary jewelry at Veteran Hard Mode! What is more, defeating the final Boss on Normal and Veteran difficulty will get you a Trophy and a Bust while managing the encounter in the hardest mode will reward you with the brand-new Shadow Skin!

The encounter can be finished in two ways; either you try to defeat the corrupted Welkynar or you can avoid this tough fight and go for the source of the corruption itself! No matter what your chosen path, prepare yourself for an exciting and challenging experience!

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