World of Tanks: Arms Race Starting Soon on the Global Map!

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World of Tanks: Arms Race Starting Soon on the Global Map!

World of Tanks: Arms Race Starting Soon on the Global Map!

From May29 to June 12, World of Tanks will be staging a huge clan event on the Global Map; clans will compete against each other in a test of planning and strategy and participants will be able to get Bonds, Gold, unique badges, clan style sets, Camouflage patterns, a new set of awards and one of the three Tier X tanks that until now were only available as rewards in Campaigns.

As in other previous events, players will try to earn Fame Points which will count towards personal and clan rankings. Clan fame points can be exchanged for special bonuses which can provide strategic advantages or speed up point gathering-that’s a decision that clan commanders must make. The field of battle will be divided in three fonts each with a different number of Fame points that can be earned when fighting on it, something that adds an extra strategic factor to be aware of. Battles will be in the 15v15 format with Tier X vehicles only.

Unlike previous events, all players, both in the East and the West will fight for the same rewards in a common theatre of action. Personal Fame Points will be awarded according to the ranking place and a bonus will be applied which will be determined by the clan’s spot in the event ladder. The number of players that will be rewarded will be determined from the total number of participants that will pass the minimum threshold of battles fought and fame points earned-the more the better! Also, clans will receive Gold in their Treasuries according to their ranking.

So, start preparing, Arms Race is approaching! For more information, please visit the Official page

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