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Hearthstone: Enter the Witchwood Now!

Hearthstone: Enter the Witchwood Now!

The forest surrounding the city of Gilneas is under the spell of the evil witch that goes by the name Hagatha; terrifying creatures roam under its trees and some of them dare to approach the city when the sun goes down. But the citizens of Gilneas are no ordinary people; they are Worgen, able to turn themselves into wolves at will and they are ready to hunt down the notorious witch! Get your hands on the all-new 135 cards of The Witchwood, the latest expansion for Hearthstone and join the hunt!

The evil that resides deep in the Witchwood has touched all its inhabitants giving them strange powers like Echo which allows them to create phantasmal duplicates of themselves; cards with this ability can be played endlessly on one’s turn as long as there is enough mana! Prepare yourself to face evil by adding Hero cards to your deck: for example, Genn Greymane will have his Hero Power’s cost reduced to one if your deck consists of cards with odd mana cost. Also, beware of Rush, the new ability that lets minions attack enemies (not Heroes though) the moment they come into play!

April 26 is the launch day for the new expansion where you will defeat bosses and get rewarded with cards that can be used to construct your deck as you venture further into the heart of Witchwood; be careful though, should you fall, you must start from the beginning! If you manage to complete the hunt and defeat Hagatha with each of the four hunters, you will get the “Monster Hunt” card back for your collection!

Witchwood is almost here. Login until July 11 and claim three free card packs and a legendary card (one-time event)! Additionally, don’t forget to get updates and more info at the Official page

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