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Star Trek Online: Welcome to Season 14.5

Star Trek Online: Welcome to Season 14.5

During last year’s Fall and Winter we met Neth Par, a Tzenkethi defector who helped the Alliance to emerge victorious from the war against the Tzenkethi. In the “The Renegade’s Regret”, the latest exciting episode of Star Trek Online, we will play as Neth Par and see what was the reason for her betrayal against her own people. Additionally, captains will get to visit worlds known from previous episodes and see them from a different perspective as they witness the drama of the Tzenkethi genoside from the first row seats.

What is more, the new episode will also bring a number of brand-new features for your entertainment! First of all, the Constable Secondary Specialization will allow you to choose your antagonist and use your skillset to bring them to justice! Also, the Infinity Lock Box will now give you access to the Temporal Science and Temporal Destroyer Vessels in their T6 versions! Finally, don’t forget the “Scylla and Charybdis” anniversary episode with its amazing revelations and of course, the upcoming Victory is Life expansion this summer!

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