SMITE 5.3: Achilles, Hero of the Trojan War


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SMITE 5.3: Achilles, Hero of the Trojan War

SMITE 5.3: Achilles, Hero of the Trojan War

SMITE presents its new hero, Achilles, the Hero of the Trojan War!

His passive skill, Gift of the Gods gives you a tactical option; either you choose to wear Armor which give him extra Health and Protection, or you can choose not to and get bonus Movement Speed and Physical Power Armored Bonus. In offense, you can use the Shield of Achilles which allow him to cut through his opponents with the edge of his shield, damaging and stunning them in the process and in when defending, his Combat Dodge allows him to avoid enemy attacks and launch a swift counterattack; a successful hit allows for an extra use of this ability before it goes on cooldown. Radiant Glory gives Achilles bonus Physical Power, Protections, and Crowd Control Reduction for 6 seconds and while active it allows for self healing whenever he hits opponents with his abilities.Finally, Fatal Strike is a massive damage dealer as Achilles dashes forward, passes through minions and stops to hit the first God he encounters dealing damage to all of them in the process. If his health is below 33% he Executes them all and if by using Execute he hits a God, he can use it again for 5 times!

Achilles can be a game-changer when used properly. For more details including patch 5.3 notes, please visit the Official Site

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It was back at 1996 when Theodoros bought his first Personal Computer and with it a copy of Shogun : Total War. That was the beginning of many sleepless nights of exploring the fantastic world of gaming. He calls himself an “expert” defender and that’s his favorite gameplay style but he will not hesitate to grab a shield and go forth to protect his team as a tank. So next time you adventure in Azeroth and see a shield bearing cow named Klaras, you have found our guy! He is also a great fan of Role Playing Games. From Icewind Dale to Neverwinter Nights and Skyrim, you name it, he has played it all! He is not your average casual gamer, he is a dedicated fan!
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