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The Elder Scrolls Online: Dragon Bones – Fang Lair Preview

The ancient halls of Fang Lair are once again awaken and something evil and monstrous lurks in the deep; Dragon Bones, the next DLC pack for The Elder Scrolls Online is here and it invites adventurers to face the necromancer Orryn the Black!

Fang Lair is an ancient, dwarven-made place that the great dragon Thurvokun claimed for himself 1000 years ago. It is said that the bones of this mighty dragon lay somewhere in the depths of the dungeon and the foul Orryn the Black is searching for them; should he succeed, he will gain control of a powerful monstrosity, a reanimated undead dragon!

In this maze, you will come across dangerous foes, necromancers known as the Blackmarrow who guard all passages and will try to keep you from reaching Orryn. They are masters of the dark arts and can be a real problem if you allow them to live long enough. However, even if you successfully deal with them there is a horde of bosses, bigger and smaller that are ready to push your team to your limits!

And then, after all these dangers, you will face Orryn the Black and his fearsome dragon! This is going to be a unique challenge, the necromancer and his pet make an adversary that require cooperation, quick reflexes, tactical awareness and target priority if you want to emerge victorious!

Of course, great challenges call for great rewards. In this spirit, completing the dungeon will earn you powerful new items, Dragon Priest masks, the Worm Wizard personality, a Thurvokun monster helm, part of the new armor set and yes, a bone dragon head to mount in your home!

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