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Guild Wars 2: Customer Appreciation Package and Black Lion Garden Plot Deed

Guild Wars 2: Customer Appreciation Package and Black Lion Garden Plot Deed

Guild Wars 2 is rewarding those that have bought Guild Wars 2, Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, or Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire with a free Customer Appreciation Package containing a Black Lion Chest Key and a Black Lion Chest! What is more, Black Lion Chests guarantee at least two random drops and a seasonal item plus a Black Lion Statuette. When you click on the Statuette a vendor window will open and it will allow you to trade it for many useful items such us skins and Total Makeover Kits!

Don’t miss the chance to get a baby griffon with every Black Lion Chest you unlock! Small to ride, but strong enough to even lift your hero, this adorable creature can also be found in every Griffon Hatchling Package. Together you will find the guaranteed seasonal item, a Mini Yellow Jackal Pup!

Finally, you can create your very personalized garden spot with the Black Lion Garden Plot Deed to plant and harvest your favorites seeds!

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