PG Weekly Roundup – Warface’s Operation Absolute Power, other games’ previews and announcements, plus Black Friday offers! – Week 47

PG Weekly Roundup – Warface’s Operation Absolute Power, other games’ previews and announcements, plus Black Friday offers! – Week 47

Warface: “Absolute Power”!

Operation “Absolute Power” is the newest global event for Warface and this week in Warface: Operation “Absolute Power” we read about the challenges it brings together with updated rewards and competitions! Furthermore, a new weapon set, “Absolute” will be introduced and it will be available for all classes with fully customizable and upgradeable gear!

EverQuest II Planes of Prophecy Expansion Previews: Bastion of Thunder and Solusek Ro’s Tower!

This week in EverQuest II it was again preview time for the Planes of Prophecy expansion. Bastion of Thunder, is the stronghold of Karana, the Rain Keeper and is under attack by the Tenets of Hate; only you can put an end to their plans! EverQuest II: Planes of Prophecy Expansion Preview – Torden, Bastion of Thunder. What is more,we also read about Solusek Ro’s Tower, maybe the most dangerous place you have to visit in your attempt to save Norrath, a blazing landscape of smoke and fire with an erupting volcano that holds a powerful crystal that must be protected by evil forces! EverQuest II: Planes of Prophecy Expansion Preview – Solusek Ro’ s Tower

EVE Online: Black Friday 2017!

Black Friday was the celebrated day of this past week with game sites hosting great offers. EVE Online followed suit with a good number of offers in reduced prizes for the full duration of the week; bundles like the “Omega Rush” Pack or the “King’s Ransom” Pack including SKINS, Training Skill multipliers and many more can be purchased with discounts ranging from 30 to 50%. You can read more at EVE Online: 2017 Black Friday Sale!

TERA: Black Friday Weekend Sale!

TERA celebrated Black Friday all week long with discounts on more than 400 items, everyday offers, new and exclusive loot boxes and a very special product designed specifically for the celebrated Friday which includes goodies for all of EME’s games! The full story is available at TERA: Black Friday Weekend Sale!

MechWarrior Online: Black Friday!

In yet another Black Friday celebration, MechWarrior Online offered bonus content with every MC purchase; more specifically, a 30% extra MC and bonus content is earned with every MC bought and in the game’s store you can exchange them for one (or more) of the featured bargains at a 50% discount! You can read more at MechWarrior Online: Black Friday!

Hearthstone: The Frozen Throne!

This week in Hearthstone, we were introduced to the final and most challenging adversary, the fearsome Lich King! This one must not be taken lightly since he employs unorthodox combat strategies and requires a good deal of planning (and luck) to be defeated but with the use of Minions in a true raid fashion and patience you will bring him down to his knees! The whole story can be found at Hearthstone: The Frozen Throne

RuneScape: Combat Pets and Premier Club

This week in RunScape, we were introduced to its brand new feature, Combat Pets! They can be obtained through training of community-inspired skills and they are useful combat companions available to all players. What is more, this year’s Premier Club Vault is offering the possibility to establish a twelve months’ membership at the lowest price possible plus a new D&D feature which gives you one minute to open as many loot chests as you can and earn their contents! Check out more at RuneScape: Combat Pets – Premier Club

In Other News…

In The Elder Scrolls Online, it was Black Friday celebration time and the Crown Store featured some great offers with a special Bundle and all the expansions and the core game available at a 50% discount plus a free mount for every purchase of the latest Morrowind expansion pack The Elder Scrolls Online: Black Friday Sale and Special Offers! while in Neverwinter, we saw the return of the Coins of Waukeen event where adventurers must fight monsters of up to seven levels higher than them and earn a Waukeen’s Coin Purse containing great treasures! Neverwinter: Coins of Wuakeen Event

Another week has ended, we hope you had a great time!

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