PG Weekly Roundup – The Elder Scrolls Online Orsinium’s 2-Year Anniversary, games’ expansion previews, announcements, shop offers and more! – Week 46

PG Weekly Roundup – The Elder Scrolls Online Orsinium’s 2-Year Anniversary, games’ expansion previews, announcements, shop offers and more! – Week 46

The Elder Scrolls Online: Orsinium’s 2-Year Anniversary!

In The Elder Scrolls Online, November marks the second year for the Orsinium DLC and to celebrate, both the base DLC game pack together with a special Collector’s Bundle will both be available at the Crown Store at discounted prizes! Read more at The Elder Scrolls Online: Celebrate Orsinium’s 2-Year Anniversary with Bonus Rewards or check out the featured video below!

TERA: New Class, Events and Additional Character Slot!

This week in TERA, we read about the new and upcoming class, the Gunner and received a special code with which we could unlock an extra character slot! Additionally, to celebrate the new patch and class, developers announced a series of events and daily login bonuses! Read some more at TERA Review News Images Videos Forums TERA: New Class, Additional Character Slot and Events!

StarCraft II is Free-to-Play!

This was an exciting week for the gaming world since Blizzard announced that the award-winning, legendary StarCraft II is going Free-to-Play! The Wings of Liberty campaign and the elite multiplayer competition of its ranked ladder will be completely free as long as some requirements are met and Co-op Commanders up to level five will also be freely accessible! Check the relevant post at StarCraft II is now Free-To-Play! or watch the featured video!

EverQuest II: Planes of Prophecy Previews!

It was preview week for EverQuest II and its upcoming Planes of Prophecy expansion with two planes presented. The Plane of Innovation is a place created by an formless entity known as the Great Gear and is home of everything mechanical and innovative. It’s a mysterious and dangerous place where many challenges await brave adventurers EverQuest II: The Plane of Innovation – Planes of Prophecy Expansion Preview!

The Plane of Disease however, is a place for those very few with a brave heart and an iron stomach…Bertoxxulous, the bringer of plagues, has created a vile land and his followers and worshipers are ready to guard its secrets with their life! Are you ready to challenge them? EverQuest II: Planes of Prophecy Expansion Preview – The Plane of Disease

Star Wars: The Old Republic, Special Forces Armor and Cartel Market Specials!

This week in Star Wars: The Old Republic we were treated with a great offer; to celebrate the launch of Star Wars Battlefront, all players were given a special code with which they could get a Special Forces Armor to match the look of the elite Inferno Squad Forces! More can be read at Star Wars: The Old Republic – Get your own Special Forces Armor!

Additionally, it was another week of great bargains at the Cartel Market like the Darth Malgus’s Armor, the Imperator’s Hoverchair, the portable Revan Holostatue and many more! The full story can be found at Star Wars: The Old Repulic – Cartel Market Specials, Week of November 13, 2017

EVE Online: Alpha Training!

The EVE Online developing team has announced this week an additional 15 million skill points to be available for alpha testers, plus a new way to use them. The new “Daily Alpha Injector” is the tool that will help all players to keep a track on their daily skill points spent per character and add a limit to them so that the training rate will never exceed Omega. Read more at EVE Online: New Alpha Training Option!

Gigantic: The Infernal Hunt!

In yet another announcement this week, Gigantic went live with its newest update which introduced us with the Infernal Creature family! These are challenging foes utilizing powerful magic in combat, use runes and ensnare opponents to tear them apart with their claws while opening dimensional holes to escape! More info can be found at Gigantic: The Infernal Hunt!

FINAL FANTASY XIV: The Lord of the Wings!

In FINAL FANTASY XIV, there is a new patch coming and this week we learned some things about the bran-new PVP encounter, Rival Wings! It’s going to be a clash of epic proportions between two teams of up to 24 players each, fighting to destroy the enemy’s core Tower and it will introduce Soaring, a new buff applicable to the whole team! More details at FINAL FANTASY XIV: The Lord of the Wings!

In Other News…

Duelyst, the popular TCG, released a brand-new expansion this week, Immortal Vanguard and with it introduced 100 new cards, six Generals, a new Mechanic (Build) and many more! Duelyst Patch 1.92: Immortal Vanguard! while in Path of Exile we were introduced to the upcoming expansion, War for the Atlas which brings powerful new enemies, The Elders and adds 32 maps to the ever-evolving end game content of the popular title Path of Exile: Announcing War for the Atlas!

In another popular game, Skyforge, we read about the brand-new Rage of Depths Packs available for purchase which will help players fight back the invading Oceanoids Skyforge: Rage of Depths Packs, and in Neverwinter we were challenged by the Uthgardt tribes of Vellosk to participate in the brand new event Pit Fight, fight for our lives in the Totem Pit arena and get amazing rewards including Medallions of Battle and a Shadow Wolf Mount! Neverwinter: Pit Fight!

Finally, in ArcheAge, a Festival started; cook your heart out along with some of the best chefs in Erenor or die in the process! The Feastival is full of daily and timed events, achievements and of course, great rewards for the best chefs! ArcheAge: Cook Your Heart Out at the Feastival!  and Guild Wars 2 posted a video announcing the return of Living World with the first episode launching this November Guild Wars 2: Living World Returns This November

It has been another exciting week here in Pivotal Gamers, how was yours?

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