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EVE Online: New Alpha Training Option!

EVE Online: New Alpha Training Option!

A massive upgrade is coming to Alphas that initially announced plans to make an additional 15 million skill points available, on top of the 5 million already existing and offer a new way for Alphas to train these skill points.

The team decided to approach the challenge by designing an item, the “Daily Alpha Injector”, to deliver the skill points and use a daily limit per character on using the item to make sure the training rate never exceeds Omega. Current plans are to sell “Daily Alpha Injectors” for 20 PLEX each in the New Eden Store and directly on secure.eveonline.com in a range of packages with pricing to be announced on release. They will also be available on the in-game market where ISK prices are expected to be well within reach of an active Alpha.

For additional information and details you can also check out the Official Page.

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