PG Weekly Roundup – Paladins Open Beta 62 Patch, other games’ events, announcements and future plans! – Week 44

PG Weekly Roundup – Paladins Open Beta 62 Patch, other games’ events, announcements and future plans! – Week 44

Paladins: Ride the Lightning!

This week in Paladins, the official launch of Open Beta Patch 62 took place. Apart from bug fixes, the new patch introduces new portraits for your Champions, Spray preview in Champion customization and Legendary Class Keys guaranteeing at least one Legendary Card per class! Read more at Paladins: Open Beta 62 Patch – Ride the Lightning

RIFT: Autumn Harvest!

Autumn Harvest is back in RIFT and players can join the spooky festivities, retrieve stolen loot, participate in seasonal rifts and purchase exclusive items from the in-game shop including new wings and event-inspired masks, outfits, accessories and a new mount! Get more info at RIFT: Autumn Harvest Is Back!

Path of Exile: Turmoil and Mayhem Events!

This week in Path of Exile, we were informed about the upcoming 10-day competitive events, Turmoil and Mayhem reappearing after popular demand! Starting from the 10th and until the 20th of November, participants will have the chance to compete in three different levels of difficulty and get exclusive and rare rewards while the top-class players will be awarded with an Alternate Art Demigod’s Dominance! Check the full story at Path of Exile: Announcing the 10-Day Turmoil and Mayhem Events!

Star Trek Online: Melting Pot Week 4 Rewards!

This was the last week for the “Melting Pot” featured episode of Star Trek Online and brave captains were awarded with the Preeminent Covariant Shields, a game-changer in any battle since they can shift the balance of shield capacity in any spaceship. Read some more at Star Trek Online: Melting Pot Week Four Rewards!

League of Legends: Death Sworn!

The Tales from the Rift event for League of Legends went live this week and with it, it brought the Death Sworn! Players can complete missions to earn unique event-related items or play the Doom Bots of Doom game mode for the chance to relive The Teemoing, last year’s diabolical tale! You can get the full story at League of Legends: Tales from the Rift – Death Sworn or check out the featured video below!
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The Elder Scrolls Online: Boris’ Haunted Mansion!

In the spirit of Halloween, The Elder Scrolls Online Community has amassed creepy-looking and torture-themed items from the luxury vendor and used them to decorate and furnish Boris’ Haunted Mansion giving it a unique and mysterious look! To get some ideas for your own in-game home, read on at The Elder Scrolls Online: Boris’ Haunted Mansion! or watch the featured video!
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Heroes and Generals: Free for All 30 day Veteran Membership!

Recently, heroes and Generals has encountered some long-standing server instability issues and after the complete and lengthy fix of the problem they decided to compensate players for their patience with an amazing gift; everyone, and until November 30, can use a voucher code and get 30 days of Veteran membership for free! Read more at Heroes and Generals: Free 30 day Veteran Membership for Everybody

Neverwinter: Tomb of Annihilation is Live!

In yet another launch event this week, we witnessed the official release of the Tomb of Annihilation, the latest expansion for Neverwinter, which promises an exciting grand campaign as you search for the source of a dreadful curse that plagues Faerûn! New places to explore and new quests to complete await you together with generous rewards! The full post can be found at Neverwinter: Tomb of Annihilation is Live!, but you can also watch the official launch trailer below!
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Hearthstone Guided Tours: The Upper reaches!

This week in Hearthstone, we were invited on a tour to the upper Reaches of the Icecrown Citadel! Before we can finally meet and (hopefully) destroy the Lich King, we have to face Blood-Queen Lana’thel, Professor Putricide and Sindragosa, three bosses that will show no mercy! Read here Hearthstone: Guided Tours – The Upper Reaches and learn how to defeat them!

EVE Online: Clone States and future plans

This week in EVE Online, we read about the developers’ plans for Clone States which is currently in Alpha development stage. They acknowledge the increase in new players and in order to keep them interested and logged in, they plan to introduce new skills, new weapons and new starships plus access to Ship Command skills training for all factions! Read on at EVE Online: Clone States – The next steps

In Other News…

This week in EverQuest II, we read about the upcoming Planes of Prophecy update which will bring new zones to explore, new weapon features,new mercenaries, tradeskills, quests and more, EverQuest II: Planes of Prophecy, Are You Ready? while in World of Tanks there was the official announcement of the upcoming March of Nations event! Four independent tournaments, unlimited tourneys and many amazing prizes await the participants! World of Tanks: March of Nations is Coming

In MechWarrior Online, there was the announcement of the new Black Lanner Clan Collection coming with two different packs and pre-order rewards MechWarrior Online: Black Lanner Pre-order is here!, while DC Universe Online revealed the latest system, Artifacts and the new namesake instance that comes with it DC Universe Online: Artifacts!

It has been an exciting week for us, we hope you had a great time too!

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