Heroes & Generals: ‘Battle Flow’ is here!

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Heroes & Generals: ‘Battle Flow’ is here!

Heroes & Generals: ‘Battle Flow’ is here!

The new Heroes & Generals update 1.09 “Battle Flow” is live and brings-in various level design tweaks, new helmets, a batch of 14 new vehicle paint jobs, light and muzzle smoke tweaks, UI updates and much more!

The majority of the design tweaks on various maps, including Factory, Airfield, Mountain Town, Forward Airfield and Town, is based on the latest community’s feedback and is aimed to improve the flow of battle and optimize the game experience. The new helmets for infantry soldiers can be combined with the uniform of your choice and will provide cool additions and new camouflage options. As far as the new paint jobs are concerned, they will make you look your best when winning battles and drive into war in style!

Taking into account the light that needed to be shed on the darker areas of the game, the light and muzzle smoke tweaks will help towards this direction with the light settings being tuned keeping the overall color richness intact. It should be noted that the updated Bulletin Screen and the updated UI will provide an easier way to navigate, communicate up-to-date information and enhance the overall game experience.

For additional information and details, you can also check out the video preview below or visit the Official Page.

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjB41evdUKY” /]

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