Bless Online: Season 3 – Mascu, Castle Siege, Item Change

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Bless Online: Season 3 – Mascu, Castle Siege, Item Change

Bless Online: Season 3 – Mascu, Castle Siege, Item Change

The new update of Bless Online’s Season 3 is live and introduces various changes, new content and improvements.

Castle Siege has been updated and players can now enter at level 37. The Battle Time has been reduced to 30 minutes and the winner or loser will be judged only if the commander is killed. In case the commander is alive, the battle is considered a draw. Additional improvements include an update terrain allowing you to breach the castle through various routes and a battlefield board giving you the ease to check the health of the gate and the commander. Note that the shield at the base is removed and new defense mechanisms are implemented.

The Mascu race is also added and can be both Hieron and Union faction. Playable classes consist of the Guardian, the Berserker, the Mage, the Paladin and the Assassin. Character profile UI is reworked in order to be more functional, multiple enchantments, crafting, taming and training changes are included and new items and accessories are added and improved.

For additional information and details, you can also check out the Official Page.

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