Test Your Mettle and Your Metal in RIFT 4.3 Crucia’s Claw


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Test Your Mettle and Your Metal in RIFT 4.3 Crucia’s Claw

Test Your Mettle and Your Metal in RIFT 4.3 Crucia’s Claw

Trion Worlds has just revealed the details for its upcoming big 4.3 update for RIFT, Crucia’s Claw! Currently live in the Public Test Server, it is scheduled to launch on October 25.

This latest update will introduce us to a broad new content, including an all-new raid evolving in an arena-type setting, the Bastion of Steel and a brand new soul, the Mystic Archer! Crucia’s Claw will provide the best equipment yet to be found in the Celestial Lands for Ascended that are up to the challenge. As far as the new soul is concerned, the Mystic Archers are one of their kind type of Mages as they focus their power in the form of magical arrows fired from their bows. Players should take note that each offensive spell in their arsenal must be aimed and that the proper use of these spells will create elemental arrows that the Mystic Archers can use to fuel even more powerful shots.

For additional information and details, you can also check out the Official Page.

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