Star Trek Online: Announcing the Miracle Worker Specialization!

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Star Trek Online: Announcing the Miracle Worker Specialization!

Star Trek Online: Announcing the Miracle Worker Specialization!

Start Trek Online: Emergence is just around the corner and it brings a major update to the Captain Specialization System with the introduction of a brand-new Primary Specialization called The Miracle Worker!

To be given the title of Miracle Worker is to be an expert at your line of work; following orders and trying to keep a spaceship in good working order is admirable but being able to adapt to any given situation and manage to work out a solution for every problem is a quality that very few people have! Miracle Workers depend on their healing and weapon enhancing skills. This is a primary specialization but captains can also pick it as a secondary one if they want to take advantage of the first 15 offered abilities.

When active, the Specialization will give you a boost to your Maximum Hit Points, as well as Hull regeneration; the boost increases as you upgrade your specialization and can reach 50%. Purchasing abilities unlocks new Starship Traits; for example at 15 purchased abilities, you will unlock the Going the extra mile trait which will in turn improve your Heals. Other notable abilities are Push Through which increases resistances and damage output and Tough Little Ship which improves damage resistance against critical hits.And of course there are many many more to choose from!

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