World of Warships: Dasha Presents Update 0.6.11 – Naval Bases

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World of Warships: Dasha Presents Update 0.6.11 – Naval Bases

World of Warships: Dasha Presents Update 0.6.11 – Naval Bases

The new World of Warships update 0.6.11 is here, featuring several new major features for clan players such as the new Oil resource, the Naval Bases and the new battle mode, Clan Battles! Additional changes on ship appearances, maps, locations, new content and multiple new fixes and improvements are also included.

Oil is a new resource in World of Warships that can be obtained only by clan members and is needed in order to develop a clan’s Naval Base, which will provide clan members with permanent bonuses. Oil can be earned in two ways. Players can use daily containers or pass challenges and combat missions. As each Clan will have its own Clan Level, the more oil obtained, the higher the clan’s level will be. However, you should note that currently levels only affect access to buildings, and serve as a general indicator of the Clan’s activity.

Naval Bases consist of the Headquarters, the Shipyard, the Research Center and the Dock. Each Clan will have its own Base. These structures will be available by default, although they will not provide any bonuses at their ‘default state’ and in order to start receiving bonuses you must upgrade the buildings. Note that only the Commander and Deputy Commander can spend oil on building and upgrading and all clan members, including its Commander, in order to get bonuses they will need facility access, the value of which will depend on the level of the clan.

The new battle mode, Clan Battles, will replace the ‘Team Battles’ in the Service Record and will be available from Level 15. The new mode will become available when a clan season starts, with the release of one of the upcoming updates.

For additional information you can check out the video preview below or visit the Official Page.

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