Warface: September update preview


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Warface: September update preview

Warface: September update preview

Warface’s September patch is knocking at our doors and is bringing a plethora of new features most notably a complete overhaul of the “Bridges” map, armory changes, new achievements and rank improvements.!

One of the most notable changes will be that of the new level cap of 86! Players reaching this level will gain the title of Viking, the famous for their battle prowess Norse warriors! And then, players will also notice the introduction of a number of ‘custom’ weapons in terms that they can be upgraded and customized to fit your personal taste! Take a look at the featured video for a more comprehensive view:

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/U2TBTgfGdB4″ /]

But that’s not the only thing that has changed in the Armory; a good number of weapons will receive stat modifications and upgrades in the form of increased accuracy or range or even zoom speed.

And what about the complete overhaul for the “Bridges” map? Get ready for new visuals and a more “contemporary” look (don’t forget that this is one of the oldest maps created for the game); map mechanics and starting points will remain the same but developers have taken into consideration real players’ suggestions and tried to make it easier to navigate and to bring an improved gameplay. Check out the featured video!

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/q_69LEvFMAc” /]

Apart from the above, a number of new achievements have been added, especially for getting killstreaks with specific weapons or for meeting victory conditions at certain maps plus minor and major bug fixes and other improvements!

For more information on this exciting new patch, please visit Official Page

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