Atlas Reactor: Chapter 5 – War Games

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Atlas Reactor: Chapter 5 – War Games

Atlas Reactor: Chapter 5 – War Games

The new Chapter 5 of Atlas Reactor Season 3 introduces the highly anticipated Fourlancer game mode where you can take your team in your own hands. Choose and control all 4 Freelancers on your team and play 1v1 with an extended decision timer. This is your chance to put your tactics to the test, set up combos on your own and play death-matches without others to blame.

The new Lancer, Isadora, is a Frontliner, fortified with a Forceball, fused with crystallized energy and firing devastating lasers! Isadora is protected with a passive amount of shields, but has a much lower total health. The new “Apocalyptic”, “Plaid Fill” and “Damage Inc.” skins will accompany Isadora to her war fury!

To celebrate, you will have the chance to acquire double ISO this weekend, from September 8 to September 10, a new Overcon, a new Emoji and new Achievements.

For additional information you can also visit the Official Page.

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