EVE Online: Introducing Resource Wars

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EVE Online: Introducing Resource Wars

EVE Online: Introducing Resource Wars

Brave space adventurers! EVE Online: Lifeblood is almost upon us and is going to be full of new and exciting features one of which is Resource Wars! This new feature will give you the chance to continue fighting for your Empire’s agenda in Mining Expeditions, special sites scattered across space.

Mining Expeditions will include several asteroid fields which in turn will contain a novel type of asteroid never before seen in New Eden. You and your teammates will have to warp to the location of the expedition and scan the area to determine the best mining sites; from that point, you can either choose to help in extracting the valuable resources or you can protect miners from pirate raids. Blood Raiders, Guristas Pirates, Serpentis and Angel Cartel will all try to get their hands on the precious ore and you must repel their attacks and give your miners time to mine all the available deposits before moving to the next asteroid!

The Mining Expedition sites are located in every Empire’s own space and have 5 tiers making them ideal for new and veteran players alike who will have to work together in order to get rewarded with ISK, Loyalty Points and improved standings with the four new Resource Wars corporations. As you increase your reputation with a corporation, you will gain access to higher tier expeditions which will allow you to bring better equipped ships and earn greater prizes.

Loyalty Points won will give you the opportunity to buy reward crates which may include unique new SKINs and a collection of ship packages with basic modules to complete, plus a fitting plan; reward crates will be available for purchase at your empire’s LP store.

For more information on this exciting new feature, please visit Official Page

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