TERA: Receive Mystel’s Blessings in September!


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TERA: Receive Mystel’s Blessings in September!

TERA: Receive Mystel’s Blessings in September!

End of summer and back to school for TERA, with each purchase made from the TERA Store counting as an early entry into Mystel’s Magical Mystery Mega-Drawing! The promo will run during September and will announce two winners in daily drawings, taking place the day after their sales. Weekly drawings will be also held each Monday including all the entries from the previous week. The final drawing will be held on October 2, giving away three grand prizes.

Prizes include daily awards such as armor, helm and wings and a Royal Dragon Pack as a weekly award. The 1st grand prize will be 100,000 EMP, the 2nd 50,000 EMP and the 3rd 25,000 EMP. Take note that each purchase with EMP counts as an entry and stacks of the same item also count as one entry. Subscriptions and EMP fill-ups do not count as entries.

For additional information you can also check out the Official Page.

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