Guild Wars 2: Developer Diary – Joy of Movement on Mounts

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Guild Wars 2: Developer Diary – Joy of Movement on Mounts

Guild Wars 2: Developer Diary – Joy of Movement on Mounts

One of the most special features of the new Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire expansion is the mount system and the developers’ blog has unleashed a video explaining everything you need to know!

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According to developers, they studied carefully the previous expansion, Heart of Thrones and decided that mounts should not be just a way of faster traveling; instead, they must feel like having a real animal which you will have to train through the Mastery system in order to upgrade its talents!

One of the most important features of these new mounts is the fact that they are designed to look and feel as they move naturally and in accordance with their physical characteristics; to further accomplish that, developers created custom cameras that complement the unique and fast movement of each mount.

Not only will your mount be able to move fast, but it will also perform movements that your characters will be unable to execute on their own; for example, the vicious raptor is able to take huge leaps, something very useful when you want to cross ground fissures. The skimmer floats above the ground and is able to jump over obstacles and avoid dangerous areas, whereas the mysterious jackal can use a fast, blink-like movement and go through sand portals. Finally, the springer has a tremendous vertical jump that allows it to reach otherwise inaccessible high places.

What is more, your mount has skills and abilities that can be used against your opponents! You won’t have to dismount to engage in combat; instead you can use your mount to damage your enemies! Mounts have a health bar and when it reaches zero, you will be forced to dismount but still in full health!

Last but not least, each mount has a Mastery line which includes upgrades to its skills and movement abilities and when you reach the final tier of a mount’s Mastery line, then all other mounts will share the first Mastery unlock! Also note that mounts unlocked with one character are automatically available to any other hero in your account.

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