Siege of Neverwinter!


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Siege of Neverwinter!

Siege of Neverwinter!

Prepare to defend the city in the updated Siege of Neverwinter!

The Cult of the Dragon has amassed their forces once more and you must save Neverwinter from utter destruction by protecting the city’s workers and ensuring that the barricades are rebuilt and the Cult’s forces are pushed back! Charge into battle against the Cult of the Dragon, decimate their forces and clash with the dragons outside the city walls forging your legacy in blood and fire!

The Siege will begin Thursday, August 31 and will end Thursday, September 14. In this event, you will have the chance to obtain Dragon Hoard Coins, Dragon Hoard Coffers, as well as other items used in the Tyranny of Dragons campaign. Rewards include Writ of Commendations, a daily currency for the event earned by completing daily quests, Dragon Cult Insignia, a repeatable currency for the event earned by participating in the Heroic Encounters, Medal of Heroism, an additional currency earned by participating in Heroic Encounters, turning in Defenders supplies or via the Zen Market and the Siegebreaker Griffon mount!

For valiantly defending the city of Neverwinter, adventurers can also obtain additional event companions and extra rewards such as the Neverwinter Champion’s Charger, a powerful and fearless warhorse, the Champion’s Banner, a precious artifact and the Neverwintan Defender’s and Battlefield Scavenger’s Packs containing various unique items.

For additional information and details you can also check out the Official Page.

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