World of Tanks: Global Map Season 6 Coming Soon!

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World of Tanks: Global Map Season 6 Coming Soon!

World of Tanks: Global Map Season 6 Coming Soon!

Season Six launches on the Global Map next Monday, August 28, and clans will have the chance to face each other on the War Fronts to decide which is the strongest!

In this new season various changes and improvements will be introduced with a major focus being placed at the new sandbox feel, providing clans with much more freedom to choose their preferred strategies and achieve the ultimate goal; control as much land that brings as much income as possible.

There will be two Fronts on the Global Map, one for Tier VIII including 300 provinces and one for Tier X including 250 provinces. The two fronts will provide increased rewards in the absence of Tier X Training front which has been removed as the least popular. Tier VIII layout will be similar to previous seasons and consist of a single profitability zone. Tier X will consist of three virtual profitability zones with no artificial borders or regions within the front, allowing veteran clans to fight for the most valuable provinces of the front without interfering much into medium and low profitability zones populated by rookie clans. Landing provinces will be placed only at the edges of the map and Auction provinces are removed, creating additional opportunities for new strategies.

In relation to Tasks, Personal Tasks that can be completed daily on the Global Map are added and will reward players with consumables and Personal Reserves. Clan Tasks that awarded Victory Points are removed. Additionally, Clan Tasks that awarded Gold have been reworked and overall focus is being placed on the main objective of taking control over land.

For additional information you can also check out the Official Page.

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