Skyforge: The Demons are coming!


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Skyforge: The Demons are coming!

Skyforge: The Demons are coming!

As the Gorgonide invasion is almost over and outer space is free of enemy ships for the first time after a long period of war, as scientists and scouts have not been able to detect any approaching invaders. However a new threat has been felt; originating from the Astral and thousands of astral essences have swept into Aelion, led by a terrible, unidentified force, indicating a massive demon invasion led by Nihaz, a mighty creature from another realm of reality.

The first enemy waves will reach our planet on August 30, so you’d better be ready for battle. You will have the chance to confront Nihaz on its own territory and become a senior God. By destroying the demon patron’s avatar junior gods will earn the coveted sixth trophy and expand their knowledge horizons.

You have to protect the planet from this invasion as the demons will try to capture a region every week, create their own outposts and destroy the Templar bases. You will need to fight to several fronts and destroy enemy structures while protecting ally fortifications. Three new invasion adventure, four new distortion generals as well as new equipment, ranks and bonuses for your character will be available. The battle will be hard but brave and skillful players are destined to prevail.

For additional information you can also check out the Official Page.

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