Win Big with TERA’s End of Summer Sale!


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Win Big with TERA’s End of Summer Sale!

Win Big with TERA’s End of Summer Sale!

TERA is celebrating the end of summer with an amazing sale of some of its biggest hits; from August 24 and until the 6th of September, you can visit the TERA-store and get your hands on a huge variety of goodies plus the brand-new Party Hearty smart box, Party Down loot box and the Elder Dragon loot box bundle!

With just 995 EMP you can acquire a Party Hearty smart box and get a magnificent suit or a red chiffon dress that will make your night-out special! With another 150 EMP you can purchase a Party Down Loot Box for a chance to get a dyeable chiffon dress that will add more color to your appearance while the Elder Dragon Loot Box bundle will reward you with the chance to get a flying dragon at a reduced prize and a Hit Parade Loot Box!

Every box and the Elder Dragon Loot Bundle can drop a random number of Hit Parade tokens that can be used to purchase accessories and dresses; the Hit Parade Loot Box especially can reward you with up to 100 tokens! What is more, with prices ranging from 150 to 1295 EMP you will have one last chance to get something from the 2017 swimwear collection and look amazing for this summer’s last days on the beach!

For more information on this great offer, please visit Official Page

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