Path of Exile: The Harbinger Supporter Packs

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Path of Exile: The Harbinger Supporter Packs

Path of Exile: The Harbinger Supporter Packs

Two new Harbinger Supporter Packs have been just released to celebrate the launch of the Harbinger Challenge League! The packs include points, Forum Titles, Social Frames, an Armour Set, Cloak, Character Effect, Weapon Effect and Pet!

The first one “The Portent Supporter Pack” is available for 30 USD and contains 250 points, the Portent Supporter Forum Title, the Harbinger Cloak, the Harbinger Weapon Effect and the Portent Social Frame. The more complete “Harbinger Supporter Pack” includes all “Portent Support Pack” content as well as the Harbinger Supporter Forum Title, the Harbinger Armour Set, the Harbinger Tiger Pet, the Harbinger Character Effect and the Harbinger Social Frame.

You should note that you can credit up to a maximum of 80% of each pack’s value from points and pay the remaining ammount in USD. For example, you could credit a maximum of $24 dollars worth of points towards the $30 Portent Supporter Pack. To upgrade you would only need to pay the remaining $6 of the pack. Additional fully customizable payment plans in terms of payment frequency and ammount are also available.

For additional details you can check out the two Supporter Pack video previews below and visit the Official Page.

The Portent Supporter Pack
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Harbinger Supporter Pack
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