Dota 2: Siltbreaker – Act II – Exclusive Battle Pass Campaign


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Dota 2: Siltbreaker – Act II – Exclusive Battle Pass Campaign

Dota 2: Siltbreaker – Act II – Exclusive Battle Pass Campaign

As the first Dota 2 Multiplayer Campaign ends with today’s release of Siltbreaker: Act II, Battle Pass owners will have the chance to team up with the brave defenders of the Brine as they continue their descent into the Dark Reef prison in order to locate and destroy the wicked Siltbreaker forever.

What is more, for all of you out there that want to have a more relaxed and casual experience, Act I and II have been enriched with an Adventure Mode which will allow you to enjoy the whole content with much less pressure! Note though that less danger equals fewer rewards!

Those of you who will decide to get the whole experience with all its perils will be rewarded with an upgraded Artifact system that will ensure that everyone will be able to get their hands on at least one of these highly rated objects of power!

As you follow your bloody path to the final battle you will earn Completion Stars according to your performance; the first time you will clear a zone with a score of one or two Stars you will be awarded Battle Points, while a three-Star performance will get you a Slitbreaker Treasure! Each one of them may include an incredibly rare Immortal Desert Sands Baby Roshan courier, whereas Battle Pass owners with Battle Level 165 or higher will get double the treasures for each time they clear a zone with a three stars rating while the reward bonus is active! Plus, you will unlock brand-new Act II achievements that will in turn reward you with more Battle Points!

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