Guild Wars 2: Developer Diary – Elite Specializations

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Guild Wars 2: Developer Diary – Elite Specializations

Guild Wars 2: Developer Diary – Elite Specializations

The time has come to get acquainted to the nine new elite specializations coming in Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire! On August 18 through August 20, a demo will be launched in order to create and play new preview-exclusive characters in both Player vs. Player and World vs. World. These characters will come with each profession’s new elite specialization, so be sure to check them out! Until then, let’s have a brief look to each one.

Weavers (Elementalists)
The Weavers can dual-wield elements and subsequently access dual-attack skills. Elementalists have traditionally been able to change elements at will with a cooldown on the ones they’ve recently attuned to.

Holosmith (Engineer)
Engineers work to harness solar power for their experiments and inventions and have managed to create Photon Forge, which allows engineers to create solid constructs of light. Holosmiths can take advantage of their heat output in a variety of ways and are able to gain a plethora of bonuses and damage increases while the Photon Forge cools.

Firebrand (Guardian)
Firebrands can leave the battlefield with their axes, their tomes and mantras have potent effects that deliver direct support, utility, and offense, have healthy access to quickness through traits and skills and can act as supporting healers.

Mirage (Mesmer)
Mirages use their Mirage Cloak to force attacks to pass harmlessly through them. The Cloak can be used both defensively and offensively via the dodge button enabling ambush attacks.

Scourge (Necromancer)
Scourges forsake their death shrouds for the ability to create areas of power by summoning sand shades, restocking regularly for frequent use. They can provide protective barriers for allies, fear for all enemies in range and gain access to punishment skills.

Soulbeast (Ranger)
The soulbeast gains benefits from merging with their pet based on the pet’s archetype; stout, ferocious, deadly, supportive or versatile. Each pet family can contain pets of multiple archetypes, so mergers can provide access to various skill and effect combinations.

Renegade (Revenant)
Renegades perform well with an offensive support playstyle, enhancing allies’ damage and disrupting enemies by summoning members of Kalla’s warband to the battlefield. They gain Kalla’s Fervor increasing their damage output and grant might to allies through the Heroic Command skill.

Deadeye (Thief)
The deadeye is a rugged thief who uses rifles to take out their foes at long ranges. Instead of stealing items from enemies, the deadeye steals aspects of their target, such as movement, strength, and warmth. When targets are marked, Deadeyes inflict extra damage and bonus effects against them.

Spellbreaker (Warrior)
Spellbreakers wield daggers, specializing in exploiting their enemies’ strengths and weaknesses and many of their traits nullify or punish magic.

For additional information you can check out the developer diary video below, or visit the Official Page.

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