TERA: Argon Assault, August 15 to September 5


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TERA: Argon Assault, August 15 to September 5

TERA: Argon Assault, August 15 to September 5

Greetings TERA fans! Are you ready for a brand-new event with amazing rewards?

The Valkyon Federation has managed to re-establish diplomatic communication with the city of Highwatch and the settlements of Northern Arun; a time of peace seems to have arrived. However, the return of the evil god Lakan and the brief but bloody war against the Archdevan Army have created problems in the manning of border patrols and in the availability of supplies. The Argonian forces have seized the opportunity and have created footholds in every major continent! The federation needs your help, will you answer the call?

From Tuesday the 15th of August until the 5th of September, level 65 heroes will be facing the Argonian forces in various zones at specific times of the day. What Is more, every Saturday, the Argonians will unleash their mightiest weapon, Kelsaik, one of the most deadly bosses in the world of TERA! Do your best and get rewarded!

Every defeated enemy has a chance to drop the new Argon Loot Box; bosses and Kelsaik have a 100% chance of dropping one or more boxes! Inside you will find drop semi-enigmatic scrolls, noctenium infusions, dragon scales, tier 11 feedstocks, chromaplasm and plasma weapon skins, flying mounts and many wearable accessories for that extra bad-ass look! Are you ready to face your home world’s enemies?

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