AION Free-to-Play: Update 5.6 now available in Europe – new servers included


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AION Free-to-Play: Update 5.6 now available in Europe – new servers included

AION Free-to-Play: Update 5.6 now available in Europe – new servers included

Expansion features four new servers, better start areas, new helpers and more instances

Good news for all players of the fantasy MMO AION: From now on, the European servers run the greatly improved version 5.6. Four new servers have been set up, with German, Polish and French languages plus one international English server. Additional multi- and singleplayer instances increase number of PvE- and PvP areas.

There are improvements regarding the design. Starter areas have been reworked and gotten  shiny new look. New characters will start their journey in Atreia with equipment designed in greater detail.

As an additional feature, the expansion offers players helpful shimiols to support them in battle. Their special skills make players even stronger and are of great use on the battlefield.

Exciting multiplayer and singleplayer battles

The story of the expansion provides even more excitement and fun for players. Thrilling new quests await in the Museum of Knowledge, and there will be attractive rewards in Narakalli.

Campaigns in the Neviwind Canyon can be started in groups of 24 vs 24 players, with additional players joining for epic end battles with up to 96 vs 96.

Party battles are now available in the Gold Arena and in the Tower of Challenge, heroes will find 40 demanding levels awaiting.

Cute and strong: shimiols

Level 66 players now have shimiols to fight by their side. These helpers are cute, but do not underestimate them! Shimiols are very strong and capable of summoning effects which can be used by players´ characters. As characters level up, the shimiols can be leveled as well and help players with even stronger summoning effects and additional skill effects.

Watch the new trailer for a few impressions of the update story:

See the patch notes for an overview of all improvements and changes coming along with update 5.6, here


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