Path of Exile: The Chaos and Order Mystery Box

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Path of Exile: The Chaos and Order Mystery Box

Path of Exile: The Chaos and Order Mystery Box

Chaos and Order, a common theme of conflict in The Fall of Oriath among the chaotic Oriath’s slave rebellion and the oppressive order of the Templar Theocracy, is being celebrated introducing 38 new micro-transactions that represent these two themes. Who do you fight for, Exile? Chaos or Order?

Each Mystery Box will grant you one micro-transaction themed as either Chaos or Order, with a value equal to at least that of the box (30 points) up to 320 points! Note that there is a 20% chance to receive a Rare micro-transaction, a 35% chance for an Uncommon and a 45% for a Common one. The micro-transactions contained in this mystery box will all be available from the store approximately one month after the Harbinger League ends.

And if you are thinking about how to open a box, purchased Mystery Boxes can be found in the Consumable section of the micro-transaction stash in-game, waiting to be unwrapped.

For additional information and details on the available micro-transactions, you can check out the video trailer below or visit the Official Page.

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