Star Trek Online: The Phoenix Prize Pack Returns!

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Star Trek Online: The Phoenix Prize Pack Returns!

Star Trek Online: The Phoenix Prize Pack Returns!

The Phoenix Prize Pack has returned this week and will stay with us until August 10. The Phoenix Prize Pack blazes a trail into new frontiers and at the same time represents the return from the ashes of items, ships and other rewards that have been retired from Star Trek Online, and are no longer accessible by any other means.

Purchasing and opening this promotional prize pack will offer players the unique opportunity of obtaining many otherwise inaccessible items, ships and equipment, which were previously available from events or promotions, or as other limited-availability rewards. To purchase a Phoenix Prize Pack, players must visit the Dilithium Store and pay 4,500 Dilithium per Pack or purchase a bundle of ten for the discounted price of 40,000 Dilithium. Note that Packs are character bound and opening them will reward you with one of five Prize Tokens of varying rarity. Activating any Prize Token from your inventory presents you with the Redemption Store, which allows you to trade in Prize Tokens in return for your choice of item from a selection of retired items from the history of Star Trek Online.

There is also the alternative option to exchange it for two Prize Tokens of the next-lower Rarity, or exchange 10 Uncommon Prize Tokens for another Phoenix Prize Pack. To celebrate the launch of this promotion, all players will have the ability to claim a free Phoenix Prize Pack once per account, once per day for the promotion’s duration.

For additional information, you can also check out the Official Page.

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