Path of Exile: The Harbinger Challenge League

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Path of Exile: The Harbinger Challenge League

Path of Exile: The Harbinger Challenge League

Brave warriors, Path of Exile is proud to announce that on the 4th of August, together with the launch of Fall of Oriath, the latest expansion for your beloved game, there will be a simultaneous release of the brand-new Harbinger Challenge League which will offer exciting new encounters and amazing rewards! As it is customary, the League will have its own, player-driven economy plus Hardcore and Solo Self-Found variations.

Meet the Harbingers, mysterious enemies of unknown origin that have the power to create and command minions that draw their power directly from them; they can’t be directly attacked but if you destroy their followers, you can surely make their life difficult!

Harbingers carry exotic and unique shards of currency that they surrender once they are dead! If you manage to solve the mystery of their origin, you will be rewarded with pieces that when put together in your inventory, can create a powerful item which will allow you to summon and command your very own Harbinger, a great ally in battle!

The League brings a list of 40 new challenges and great rewards upon completion. When you have completed 12 of them, your character gets the Harbinger Glowing Eyes Effect. 24 completed challenges will give you the Harbinger Crown Effect and 36 finished challenges will reward you with the Harbinger Character Effect! What is more, after 19 completed quests, you will get a Harbinger Totem Pole that you can put on display in your hideout so that others can marvel at your achievements! Finally, in the very near future you will be able to purchase Harbinger Supporter Packs from the in-game store and have the chance to get pets, a new armor set, weapons and more!

For more information on Harbinger Challenge League, please visit Official Page

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