Path of Exile: Upcoming Unique Items

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Path of Exile: Upcoming Unique Items

Path of Exile: Upcoming Unique Items

Brave adventurers! The Fall of Oriath, the brand-new expansion for Path of Exile is almost here and as it is customary it brings a whole set of unique and fresh items, many of which are designed with the help of you, the players! Let’s get acquainted with four of them!

Meet Speaker’s Wreath, the new headdress for 63-level players which require 85 Strength and 62 Intellect. With the extra Dexterity, it is designed for leaders and it boosts the attack and movement speed of your minions while in the same time allowing for a chance for extra loot!

Tinkerskin is a body armor especially designed for all of you trappers out there! It offers increased evasion and energy shield plus a boost to maximum life. All you need to do is keep throwing traps and it will reward you with upgraded recovery abilities and a chance to produce Frenzy charges. What is more, the increased chance of Phasing guarantees safe transport between packs of enemies!

And what about Soul Tether, the belt that alters the way your Energy Shield works! Instead of safeguarding your life, it takes advantage of your leech skill in order to create a stack of extra life that you can reach to when the going gets tough!

Finally, Ahn’s Might, the second Ahn unique, offers powerful buffs like a 40% boost to your Accuracy rating and extra Physical Damage, plus powerful bonuses when at maximum Frenzy Charges! It also works well with Lacerate but it reduces the attack speed of movement attack skills.

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