EVE Online: The Agency – Welcome to the next live event!

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EVE Online: The Agency – Welcome to the next live event!

EVE Online: The Agency – Welcome to the next live event!

Brave adventurers; please welcome the Agency, the brand-new event for EVE Online!

From the 18th of July until the 1st of August, this new event will offer a plethora of new challenges and will put your skills to the test and reward you handsomely! Just push the Agency Icon on your NeoCom Menu and all available quests will be revealed!

There is a wide range of offered missions; some are fairly easy while others are more difficult and require certain skills. None needs to be accepted, but you will be notified once you complete one of them. The Agency synopsis will show you your percentage of completion for every quest. Each time you log in and every 23 hours, you will receive a 30-minute boost. Every finished mission will reward you with points; these can be exchanged with PLEX, boosters and skins according to your gathered total. Again, your accumulated points and your overall progress can be seen in the Agency overview.

For more information on this event, please visit Official Page

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