Star Trek Online: The Stats of the Son’a Ships!

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Star Trek Online: The Stats of the Son’a Ships!

Star Trek Online: The Stats of the Son’a Ships!

Brave Commanders, your attention! The 18th of July, 2017 is launch-day of Season 13.5 of your favorite Star Trek Online and with it, two brand-new starships to command!

Although often considered as the outcasts of the Alpha Quadrant, there is no doubt that the Son’a are one of the toughest adversaries out there; their advanced medical technology and their incredibly powerful sensors and energy absorption capabilities make their starships formidable opponents able to outmaneuver and incapacitate most of their enemies. Now, two of their best vessels will be available through the release of the Son’a Lock Box!

Meet the Son’a Command Science Vessel! These ships are the core of every Son’a fleet and are able to support friendly crafts and in the same time use one of their overpowering abilities to turn the tide of battle! Command ships are equipped with a Universal Console featuring a Deep Analysis Sensor Package; when activated, it creates a field of 6km radius which, for a certain amount of time, gives you and your allies a boost in Shield and Armor Penetration. What is more, your Maximum Auxiliary Subsystem Power, Control Expertise, and Shield Hardness will also receive a passive increase. And after you have reached level 5 in your starship, the Kick Them While They’re Down Starship Trait will become available to use for a stackable increase in Critical Chance!

Moreover, you can obtain a Son’a Intel Battlecruiser! These are usually found on the first line of fire and use Active Sensor Arrays which gather crucial information about their opponents in order to find and expose any vulnerabilities. With their passive Warp Signature Masking which gives them a small stealth ability, their considerable firepower and their toughness which lets them take a lot of hits, these ships are a nasty surprise for the unsuspecting enemy! Their Universal Console featuring a Subspace Barrier Agitator can find weak spots and exploit them to drain your opponents’ energy and in the same time passively boost the Maximum Shield Subsystem Power, Drain Expertise and Shield Capacity. Finally, once you have reached level 5 with your vessel, the Subspatial Warheads Trait will become available; this is a trait that will wreak havoc amongst your enemies!

For more information on these two ships, please visit Official Page

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