Path of Exile: Skill Reveal – Storm Burst

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Path of Exile: Skill Reveal – Storm Burst

Path of Exile: Skill Reveal – Storm Burst

Greetings brave adventurers! Fall of Oriath, the latest expansion for your favorite Path of Exile is fast approaching and developers have released a small presentation video about Storm Burst, one of the exciting new Skills to come!

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As it is clear from the short video, Storm Burst is a channeled lightning skill. While in the process of casting, small lightning bolts are fired, dealing small volumes of damage; once the channeling is over, the bolts detonate and deliver a large amount of damage to the whole area around them. If Greater Multiple Projectiles is used, the area of effect will be increased, resulting in bigger explosions and subsequently in greater damage. What is more, if you choose to reduce the projectile speed, the skill will be able to reach targets that are further away and with bigger destructive force.

It is evident that timing and positioning are essential in order to achieve a better control of the affected areas; or you can choose to start a wild spin around which will allow for a bigger area of effect and maximum speed! Finally, the skill’s potential synergies with Cast while Channelling should not be undervalued, since it allows you to double down on Lightning Projectiles; alternatively you can  let the projectiles trigger Elemental Equilibrium, which, together with ice or fire projectiles can tear apart your enemies’  defenses!

For more news and updates on the upcoming expansion, please visit Official Page

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